Determination of the chemical resistance of plastics according to ASTM D 543

Test method for evaluating all plastic materials, including moulded, hot and cold formed and laminated resin products and sheet materials, for their resistance to chemical reagents.

Three procedures are provided, two under Procedure A (immersion test) and one under Procedure B (exposure to mechanical stress and reagents under standardised conditions of applied strain). These procedures include provisions for determining changes in weight, dimensions, appearance, colour, strength and other mechanical properties. Standard reagents are specified to give results on a comparable basis without precluding the use of other chemical reagents relevant to specific chemical resistance requirements. Suggestions for different exposure times, stress conditions and exposure to reagents at elevated temperatures are included. The type of conditioning (immersion or wet spot) depends on the end use of the material. If the material is used as a container or transfer line, sample immersion is used. If the material has only short exposures or is used in close proximity and the reagent is splashed or spilled on the material, the wet patch method is used to apply the reagent to the material.

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