Materials, components and products are always needed – and with innovations in materials technology, our customers have an advantage. GWP, as a materials science full-service provider in terms of materials and services, provides you with the necessary knowledge.

Our services go far beyond the field of plastics testing. As a materials technology full-service provider, we develop innovations and analyse damage at a high level.

Over 40 years of experience and extreme customer orientation has created a complex diversification and we know that matching combinations create huge customer benefits. From expert advice to testing in the labs and training, our service portfolio covers all phases in the product life cycle.

In short: Knowledge creates progress©.

Your plastics experts

Dr. Julius Nickl

Expert for industrial processes & products, research & development
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The development of plastic parts includes all steps from the idea to the finished part. Tool-specific concerns must be taken into account, as well as material properties and load profiles. Methods such as CAD, FEM, Mold Flow, support the development and sometimes save time-consuming trials to test the necessary product requirements. Our experts will advise you.

Dr. Stefan Loibl

Expert for composites, damage analytics
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Next to the material, the tool for the production of plastic parts is the most important part for an optimal product. In the tool design, the quality of the parts that can be achieved later is also determined with the specification of steels, dimensions and machining processes. We advise you on design and construction.

Injection Moulding

Injection moulding of thermoplastics has revolutionised the production of mass-produced articles. The fast cycle times, the great design possibilities and the achievable precision enable the cost-effective production of parts for almost all areas of application. The quality and capability of the process depends heavily on the injection moulding machine, mould and material.

Dr. Michael Ziegltrum

Expert for plastics processing, damage assessment
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Plastics Welding

Welding is the method for joining individual plastic parts when individual parts are to be connected to each other reliably and permanently. In practical application, the heating element, vibration and ultrasonic welding processes are usually used as series welding processes, as well as laser welding for special applications. We advise you.

Dr. Thomas Reith

Expert for plastics analytics

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